Fine Jewelry & Custom Design

We have accounts with many of the top jewelry manufacturers throughout the US. We also work with a Local Master Goldsmith for custom made jewelry. We have worked with him for 30 years, he is able to Hand Carve your new ring in wax for your approval. We also use the Latest technology with CAD ring design.

Both the hand carved wax and the CAD wax are then cast into Gold or Platinum using the Lost Wax method.

For very intricate designs we work with jewelry manufacturers in Los Angeles.

Men's Ring & Wedding Bands

We have a complete selection of Men’s wedding rings, from basic gold or platinum to tungsten carbide!


Our suppliers have thousands of current designs and continuously develop more. We have the flexibility to modify and create designs to fit your needs.


Our lines include diamond and non diamond wedding bands, duos and trios. From classic to unique and modern. 


Our Master Goldsmith is local, we have been working with him for 30 years. So your family heirlooms are safe in his hands for all your repair needs.

Estate Jewelry

We can take your Estate Jewelry on Consignment. We can also buy your Estate or unwanted jewelry from your outright.

This includes Gold, Platinum and Diamonds.